Holiday Chess Courses for Children 2017

Holiday Chess Courses take place on four consecutive days from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. The children will be placed in a course according to the coaches´ assessment. In general, participants will be between 6 and 13 years old.

monday 31.07.17 – thursday 03.08.17


monday 07.08.17 – thursday 10.08.17

Minimum number of participants required 12.

Course I

This beginner chess course lays the groundwork for the whole further chess development. It sets off with a glance at the fascinating historical origins of the game of chess. Following this, we closely study the role and the faculties of each particular chess piece. In playful exercises, the kids are taught first basic strategies they can apply themselves. Already at this stage will we encounter important ideas like zugzwang or double attack in basic forms. As a whole, Course I offers a comprehensive introduction to the rules of the game, and, towards the end, also the fundamentals of playing the opening. Prior knowledge is not required, but the course can be recommended to anyone who does not yet feel entirely confident in their command of the rules.

Course II

Knowing the rules of the game as well as a couple of basic concepts is a prerequisite for participating in this course. In addition to the concrete content, we introduce a guideline for chess thinking, serving as an orientation in the initially confounding multitude of possibilities of the game. A set of typical questions we can ask ourselves helps us spot the right solutions. The main focus will be on chess tactics, we look at all the fundamental motifs like deflection, pin, discovered attack, and typical mating patterns, among others. Towards the end of the course, we turn our attention to questions of opening play and endings, where tactical and strategical ideas go hand in hand.

Advanced Courses

When there is demand for it, we offer further courses for more advanced players, or children who have already passed Course II, up to level X. The children will be placed in the suitable course by the coaches. The main focus will be on chess strategy, a first opening repertoire and guided playing practice, among other things.


€165,00 for 4 days, including training material, beverages, fruits, pretzel

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